24 April 2009 London, New York and Croydon

Today I deliver the paintings and prints for my one man show at the Fish Frames Gallery in Croydon. It is called "Colin Ruffell in London, New York and Croydon".
I went to school at Selhurst Grammar School in Croydon during a wild mis-spent youth. I liked the art teacher, won an art prize, hated latin, and of course I got expelled!
The gallery are organising a 'Meet the Artist' event in two days time on Sunday afternoon with champagne and chocolates. Yummy! See you there?
Here is one of the finished paintings previewed previously on this blog, showing the 'Threepenny Bit Tower' next to East Croydon Station, plus one of the new trams that run right through central Croydon and across south London.
I will be adding the five new Croydon images to the 'Painting a Day' portfolio of limited edition prints. There will only be 25 in the edition, worldwide forever.
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Click this link to see the portfolio on our website www.crabfish.com

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  1. I like the way youv`e lightened that. Very nice.
    Good luck tonight.Hope you sell lots.


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