26 May 2009 ... the clear up

Some days it is very hard to find a positive image for this blog.
No-one did any painting. We didn't go out. 
We just cleared up after the last four weekends Open House events.
Here is a pile of boxes with stacks of small paintings and prints.
Not very interesting is it?
However, it was a good day, with plenty of fun things to do. 
Orders to sort out from the final weekend.
Phone calls from publishers wanting pictures in a hurry.
Emails with requests for images. 
Mike Embden came round to collect his work which we had been showning.
Money to sort out for him, which made him happy. 
Cheques to write, banking to do. 
Reframe, print, and do paperwork.
Pack foreign orders for post office.
So we were very busy.
But no nice images for you, sorry.
We will try harder.

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  1. Oh well! In your book it say`s that there is a proportion of business and painting.Your doing the business bit which are all part of it. Check out my blog. Found a good spot to paint .Alan


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