18 June 2009

This log-jam thing is tricky to beat. Here is one of the little critters that are causing the problem.
A small insignificant sketchy sort of thing isn't it?
This 6"x8" canvas has had deckchairs and other people on it, the sand and sea have been different colours, the waves have been breaking with white horses and without white horses.
Now I have painted over most of the evidence.
I quite like it like this. But it is not how I thought it would go.

In passing, can I share with you the pleasure that I get from reading the twice weekly messages from Robert Genn. He is a super artist from Canada who has been supplying a free and inspirational letter for yonks. You could find out more from this link to his website where you can choose to sign up for the newsletter. http://painterskeys.com/

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  1. I like this painting, it has a whistful feel to it. It could be three people looking at an approaching tsunami but it's probably three people wandering the beach looking for the perfect spot to sit.


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