27 & 28 June 2009

When I was naughty at school, the teacher gave me lines to do.
Getting 'lines' as a punishment meant that you had to sit and write the same thing over and over.
Such lines as ' I must not run in the corridor'.
25 lines on a page, so 100 lines was four pages of agony, and so much wasted time.

Over the weekend I have been signing, numbering, and putting in the titles for hundreds of limited edition prints.
Here they are... in piles of 50 or so each image.
Such torture on a lovely weekend.

Then they had to be recorded, and packed, before delivery next week to the framers.
The IKEA box that came round the new flat packed armchair was just the right size.

Hey ho! Its tough when you fail and its tough when you succeed as well.


  1. Some really beautiful work you've been showing this month Colin. Those 5x7 cards for IKEA are very nice images! Are those printed off-set in large quantities or in smaller numbers like your prints? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the compliment Gregory.
    The cards are printed and published by The Art Group. Offset litho in large quantities. Hence the great value price.
    They are aimed at the greeting card market and the small gift and decorative print market.
    So they are not produced to 'archival' standards. They will not 'last for over 80 years without any noticable change in normal conditions' like my own giclee prints.


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