1st July 2009 .. now we are 6 months old!

This blog started 6 months ago. Originally the plan was to join the 'painting a day' movement and post a new daily painting on the blog.
Well, the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang aglay [or something like that ... apologies to Robbie Burns and all our scottish readers].
Fact is that one new painting a day proved an unacheivable goal because we are also running the existing successful paint, print and publish business [ Crabfish Ltd.] that takes up most of our effort and time.
So the blog switched to ' a daily painting blog' sometime later. Even that is difficult to keep up sometimes.
Please accept my apologies.

However, looking back I see that I have painted 84 new paintings, and published them as limited editions. Wow!

You can see the collection of 84 paintings and prints by clicking here.

The blog acts as a diary reminding me of six months interesting experiences, exhibitions, meetings, developments, experiments and events.

So, what next?

Well I hope that the blog can get better at the task of posting something interesting for our readers, thats you!
Please click on the comments link under the daily message to tell me where I am going wrong and where it is allright, if it is.

What would you like to see in this blog in the future?

You can cut and paste and email to... cr@crabfish.com ...if the comments button doesn't work, or if you want to post a private message.

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  1. Well! Since you ask. If you are going back to your old way of working which I think is in short bursts with long periods recovering why not show us blog readers what goes on inbetween. I know you dont sit at home watching TV. For example .How did you get into IKEA. "Through the front door" don`t tell me. Or what does Biological Determinismn actually mean? I`ve always found you a mind of information and interest. Show us something other than just the work alone.


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