18 August 2009 ....from the past

I had an email today from Helen in Glasgow. She says; "While looking at your website I realise that I may have one of your early acrilic works. About 40 years ago my husband and I went to Wylie Locheads in Glasgow to buy some tables we had saved for but when we saw this painting we bought it instead!"

Crikey! Maybe poor Helen and husband have had to eat off their laps for 40 years. I feel very humble and grateful.
The story behind the sale is this; I exhibited, with artist Colin Paynton, in several of the House of Frazer stores throughout UK in a promotion by G Plan Furniture Co. during the late 60's. Wylie Lochead was the flagship store in Scotland. [Harrods in London and Rackhams in Birmingham were also part of the same group]. The store gave over part of the furniture dept as a temporary studio space where we painted pictures to hang in the beautiful room settings. The paintings were designed to compliment the furnishings.
Helen's painting looks like one of my works from that period, although I don't actually remember this one.
I think that it is a good idea to consider the location for a work of art when painting or buying it.
Some artists will disagree.

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