1st Jan 2010

Crikey! I am so slack. It is a month since our last blog post.
However, December 2009 was not wasted. I spent a deal of time creating the definitive catalogue showing Ruffell prints over the previous decade. The book is 160 pages long with just under 300 images. Quite a few are full page [12"x13"]. There are some explanations and some quotes from happy viewers, plus the usual biography and stuff. The problem is that it costs an arm and a leg :-(
You can see it here www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1110796
However, I suggest that you control your eagerness to own one until I receive my first proof copy in a few days time because I will probably need to make final tweaks and edits after seeing it.

The 2010 catalogue book is destined for unveiling at the trade only Spring Fair in Birmingham in February where I will share a stand with the other Artreo artists again. I have agreed to deliver a seminar as well at the Fair, entitled 'The Artists Role in the Art Industry'. So I have been working on that as well. Panic.

So here is a picture of the snow that imprisoned us for several days in December, and my Christmas dinner.

Then the dreaded lurgy [man flu cold thing] hit Fran and I which has drained our reserves.
Now we are both recovering, it is a glorious day following last nights rare blue moon, the sun is shining, and all is well for the new year and next decade. Happy new year.

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