Back home exhausted!

Phew! It certainly knocks it out of you at the Spring Fair.
A frantic week getting ready, last minute panics about things not done, final arrangements getting van and driver, double parking and loading in the dark and cold, early morning suitcase packing, long drive up country, park and walk to set-up chaos at the show, unload van, disgorge much too much stuff onto a tiny booth/stand, [why are booths always much smaller in real life than when you plan them on paper or mock up?], paint walls, fix lights, hang pictures, stand back and take photo.
And that is before we start.

Then turn up up every day and live on strong coffee and very expensive snacks from the catering facilities who have you by the short and curlies. A cup of hot water for £1.80 so we could use our own teabag for a cuppa.
But the buzz, and adrenalin surge, and the networking, and the orders, and the feedback, and meeting old friends makes it all worth while.
I did my seminar on Tuesday on 'The Artists Role in the Art Industry'. Went down well with applause. Afterwards several artists came by our stand to ask further questions.
Now the aftermath, sorting through orders, following leads, re-appraising priorities, deciding what is next.
I must keep reminding myself that I am doing this for fame, fortune and fun.
Focus on the fun.
Todays picture shows my small section of the Artreo stand.
My new catalogue book went down well as well. The first 16 copies are now earmarked for my best galleries.
I will make a few minor changes based on suggestions from the art industry. For instance take the date of the front cover.

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