18Aug10 Layout, Canada Tower, Canary Wharf

I am making final preparations for an exhibition of 22 of my new original paintings at Canary Wharf next week. It starts on Tuesday 24th Aug until 4th Sept 2010. This is a thumbnail showing the poster artwork.

The venue is Frontispiece The Gallery in the shopping mall which runs right under Canada Tower. My exhibition is smack in the middle, right under the apex of the tower, but underground! We are showing the paintings in a big glass display unit next to Frontispiece The Gallery.

Here we are laying out the collection on the living room floor to sort out what goes where.

And another view of the same layout.
All the new paintings will be available as prints as well.


  1. Theres that Blue one I like.....!!

  2. Ah yes! You said that you liked it before. This seems to be a very appropriate exhibition venue for it don't you think?

  3. I think you will do very well. It`s perfect..The Poster looks really good too..Oh! I see you are on facebook. You`ll do doing a Forum next.


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