6 Aug 2010 Feedjit thingy

You may notice a new thingy on this page. It shows who has been looking at the blog. No big detail, just a record of where visitors come from. This morning, while I have been eating breakfast, I see that we've had visitors from Canada, USA, Sweden, Poland and UK. Wow! How did they know about us?

Yesterday I had a phone call from a super gallery located in the New Forest. A customer wants a painting, to go with one of my originals in the gallery, to make up a pair of paintings.  The existing painting was created as one of a pair but the other one has been sold already. You can see prints of the original pair on my website.


The new companion will not be a repeat of the first companion. It wants to be the same sort of colour, texture, subject, and style, and the same size and surface. That means that many of the creative decisions are already made. I welcome this because I can let my juices flow within these constraints. It actually helps to have disciplines like this.
I like doing this sort of thing myself. However I know some artists hate the idea of the customer 'dictating' what the artist should do.
But this is an interesting challenge. So that is my weekend task. I am looking forward to making a new piece that will go with this one to make up a different pair.

This is the original 'Venice across theLagoon' that I will be creating the companion for.


  1. Love the colours Colin, perfect complements. Did you use Indian yellow?

  2. Hi Jane. Earth colours are just the best thing ever. I used Raw Umber and Burnt Umber, plus glazes of Orange and Gamboge with hints of Violet. Oooops! I've just revealed a secret recipe. Don't tell anybody else.

  3. enjoyed reading about you and your family, must read your book! Lesley, Patcham

  4. Hi Lesley. Ahh! My book 'How to Make a Living as an Artist' I guess. Thanks for your interest.
    Just go to the www.howtobeanartist.com website link at the top of this page.
    Cheers, Colin.


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